Welcome to Georgian Fine Properties

"Dedication To Excellence For Three Generations"

Welcome to our website. We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Georgian Fine Properties.

My dad once said to me, “Son, whatever you do, be sure you do it with integrity, passion, and pride." I have taught this work ethic to my son, Stanton, who is now my partner. This is the cornerstone of Georgian Fine Properties' heritage.

At Georgian Fine Properties we take the trust you give us for creating a beautiful home for you and your family very seriously. We personally supervise every step of construction to make certain everything you do see and everything you do not see is done right. You can be assured that your home is not only beautiful, but it is structurally sound.

In our restoration of older homes, we strive to retain the charm of the house while creating a home that is comfortable and convenient for today's family. Our architectural additions to existing homes are done with painstaking attention to detail, so they are virtually seamless. However small or large the project, we are dedicated to doing it with the excellence and integrity you expect and deserve.


The “before” pictures show the original houses before their gut renovations.  The “after” photos show these same homes transformed by Georgian Fine Properties making them structurally sound, energy efficient, pristine and livable for today’s families,  while preserving their original foundations, hardwood floors, and other architectural features evoking the charm of an earlier era.